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Mens club

The Gurranbraher and Churchfield men’s club was started by Martin Ahearn Rip and is a strong group who meet weekly at the Parochial hall in Churchfield listen to music have the craic and play pool. The groups goes on regular day trips facilitated by Community Garda and also play itch and putt . the re is a strong folklore theme and the groups regularly reminisces over photographs of corks golden days.

Men’s swim at Leisureworld

You are welcome to join for a Health Action Zone swim — Weekly reduced rate swim at €2

Contact Community Health Worker Micheál for details –time slot is Wednesdays 12-1 at Leisureworld

Why not join us at 10.30am at Leisureworld for a community walk followed by a swim??

Confidence in swimming courses and learn to swim lessons are available to link in with at Leisureworld.


Bowls clubs meet Tuesdays and participate in local leagues https://www.corkindoorbowls.com

Short mat bowls is a very low cost sport played indoors on special carpets. Contact for further information on local groups.

Shandon haz band

The Shandon HAZ Music group practices weekly at the Hut and contribute to local entertainment scene. The band play monthly regular dates across the citys Northside community centres, health centres and    nursing homes. The band facilitates a group of men to focus on songs that improve their health and wellbeing while also providing community music at local events.

Gurranabraher and Churchfield Green Spine Initiative

Get involved in our local community enhancement project – with many  local groups and individuals.  Our aim is to make small improvements over a long period to enhance our areas through fun and creative local imaginings and sustainable activities. partners across the area – The Hut Youth Project, Scoil Padre Pio, Parochial Hall, Trees please at the allotments, Churchfield Community Trust, B45, Leisureworld, St. Marys Primary Care Campus

The Hut Rooftop Garden

Weekly drop in to volunteer and maintain the rooftop garden –

The Hut Rooftop project – on the terrace on top of one of the Northside’s most distinctive buildings – is a place for local community volunteers and local gardeners to plant, hang out and meet-up. as part of the green spine initiative the space provides an expansive space for groups to be creative.

The garden is maturing and as well as providing a great space to grow, is available for one-to-one chats for people availing of the community support resources available in The Hut.

It is a great place that is available for workshops and outdoor meetings.

Gurranabraher Woman's Social group

Gurranabraher woman’s social group – activities include walking, chair yoga, days out with community Garda and monthly Meet and Mingle — tea and chats

Meets Wednesdays at 2 o clock at The Hut  –

The Wellness Walk and Memory Trail in St Marys Primary HealthCare Campus, Cork.

The walk measures 1.25km and approximately 2000 steps and offers staff, surrounding communities and service users opportunity to add to their daily exercise and sense of overall wellbeing on St Marys Health Campus. A big part of the walking signage includes a memory trail element with extracts from interviews taken as part of the ‘Memories of the Orthopeadic’ project with Cork Folklore Project displayed on each panel along the walkway.

These are memories of past staff of the Orthopaedic Hospital as well as service users and local people who have memories of the Orthopaedic Hospital of the past and can now enjoy these memories as part of a new and developing primary care facility in St Marys Health Campus. The broader signage scheme includes many health messages including #Littlethings National Positive Mental Health messaging which speaks to things we can all do to promote our own and others positive mental health.

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