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The Fit for Work & Life programme is a community health promotion and well-being programme working with members of the community to encourage and support healthy choices, facilitating participants to be fit for both their work and personal life.

We are looking forward to hosting a Fit For Work and Life Programme in Health Action Zones and CHP areas soon.

On completion of the Fit for Work & Life Programme…

The programme will equip the learner with knowledge on the importance of health and keeping well. The programme is designed to provide learners with appropriate knowledge, skills and an appreciation for health. How this can be applied to themselves and their families to support them in their desire to be fit for work and life.

The ongoing discussion exercises and practical nature of the programme allows the learner to consider how the new knowledge and skills might be relevant to them. The recurring message to learners is that every little helps when it comes to taking control over our health.

The aims of the programme are:

  • To increase learner’s knowledge, skills and competence to live a healthy life and to use these skills in the context of their family and their working life.
  • To give the learner confidence to share this knowledge with people in their families and in their communities.
  • To provide an opportunity for the learner to reflect on their own lifestyle, including changes made as a result of new learning, by maintaining a personal learning journal.
  • To provide the learner with opportunities to practice different types of learning – reflective practice, group work and self-directed.

Learners who successfully complete this module will be able to:

  1. Recognise the key elements of health promotion in the context of home, work or play settings.
  2. Describe how the social determinants of health can influence an individual’s lifestyle habits/behaviours.
  3. Review the European Code against Cancer and relevant evidence-based recommendations for healthy living with a view to practising healthier lifestyle choices for self/family and community.
  4. Identify the connections between physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing.

Those who sign up to the full programme will receive a Participant Workbook to support them to document their learning journey on the Fit for Work and Life programme.