Farranree Family Resource Centre

The family centre is a vital and integral part of the Farranree Community.  We provide a number of services for those who are vulnerable and who require supports in the area and its surrounds.

The overall aim of this Family Centre is to provide and develop community based family support services such as care of the older person, human, personal and social development courses, counselling and advice services, healthcare programmes, literacy skills, return to education courses, parent and toddler facilities and accommodation of representatives of all agencies or groups relevant to family support services.

Pre COVID-19 our Moving Age group participated in many activities including a weekly coffee morning, a weekly Monday afternoon meeting with co-ordinator Pauline O’Leary where they engaged in age appropriate physical activities, singing, and storytelling.

Also, the centre facilitated a number of events in collaboration with organisations including HSE, North Presentation Adult Ed and the Farranree Network.

Contact : Family Resource Centre, Closes Green, FarranreeCork, Ireland, T23 W640

021 4301030 (mornings)



Once a month we would facilitate a guest speaker (this could involve topics of a historical nature or we could engage a speaker to deliver health and safety advice for the home). Also, once a month the ever popular HAZ band would play for our members and this was always a very popular and engaging time with tea and sandwiches being served afterwards to continue the social engagement. Some of the group participated in flower arranging, art courses, computer skills programme and other programmes which were running in the centre.

SINCE MARCH 2020 however we have had to adjust to the current restrictions and while there have been challenges, we have been able to maintain a connection with the members of our Moving Age group. During the pandemic we have endeavoured to make sure that those who are vulnerable were contacted, medication delivered and food distributed. This was possible by working in conjunction with organisations such as Springboard, CCP, Cork City Council, Garda Síochána and local councillors.

We also telephone members of the group each week to find out if they require any necessitates and we are finding that these conversations can end up being quite lengthy. (material requirements are not what is needed but rather that reaching out which satisfies the need for social contact)

We delivered gift bags during Christmas week – these contained essentials such as teabags, sugar etc. and a box of sweets as a treat. Also, we delivered St. Brigid’s crosses on February 1st to all our ladies which they were delighted with.

Farranree Community Association

Activities at the Centre

  • Singing for the Brain – Singing for the Brain brings people affected by dementia together to sing a variety of songs they know and love, in a fun and friendly environment. We also do fun vocal exercises that help improve brain activity and well-being.
  • Meals on Wheels – The Farranree community centre operates a local Meals on Wheels service catering for up to 60 people of the community delivering meals 4 days a week.
  • The Community Café The FCA have been working on a project to bring a community café to the Farranree Community Centre. We hope to provide a safe place for the locals in the area to come and socialise without the need to scale Pophams Road hill
  • Youth Group Previously Foroiges operated from the centre however they have since moved to a new building. Going forward the FCA plans to create a new youth group using the youth room we have set up in the centre.
  • The Environmental & Community Alliance Environmental & Community Alliance (ECA)

The Environmental & Community Alliance was set up by Sharleen Lynch and a number of residences in the Farranree and Fairhill community. The aim of the ECA is to take a proactive stance on combating waste and to promote a green environment. The ECA wants to take advantage of community spirit to help build a better and greener place to live. The ECA also aims to focus on the people of our community and to create and develop as many social/ educational outlets for the community as possible.

  • The Community Gardens The ECA have been granted permission and space by the Cork City Council to develop a plot of land just of Cushing Place in Farranree. The aim is to develop allotments like those that can be found in gurranabraher & knocknaheeny which can tie in with the plans for the local Community Café and Community Centre. The goal is to highlight sustainability and growth across all areas of our community, from its people to its environment.
  • Community Clean Ups Before COVID-19 regular clean ups were beginning to take off with many kids and adults of the community happy to take part. We are looking to increase this tenfold going forward. The ECA has received the support of Country Clean who are looking to help fund the ECA on their efforts in the community. The ECA are also looking to build a local composter that can be used by all members of the community.
  • Connecting our Community Tablet Project – Over the last year the FCA have been working on developing a new project with the aim to connect the elderly people of our community through technology and the internet. The FCA with grant support from the Community Foundation have distributed computer tablets to  members of the community. The aim is to educate and explore all the possibilities and benefits that being connected online can provide to someone who may be living alone. The project was meeting people on a one to one basis to ensure that everything is explained in a calm and safe environment. COVID-19 has been a big obstacle but only enhances the need for such a project.
  • Crochet Classes Weekly crochet classes are held by the local Ladies Committee.
  • Bingo The community centre hosts weekly Bingo from the centre for the locals of the Farranree community. It is a great social event for the elderly members of the community.
  • Yoga Classes
  • Pilates Classes
  • Fitness & Nutrition Classes
  • Dance & Movement
  • Irish Dancing Classes
  • Drama & Theatre
  • Card Making
  • After School Study
  • Baton Twirlers
  • Mother & Daughter group
  • Christians Group

Contact the Centre : 


T23 YA43, Popham’s Rd, Farranree, Cork

Farranree Community Association

Facebook @healthactionzone