Health Action Zone Improves the health and
lifestyle of a community
through a series of health-focused initiatives that build
on existing services and facilities

My Community Health

Fermoy Community Health Project

Fermoy Community Health Project continues on developing sustainable health projects for individuals and families within the community.

Youghal Community Health Project

The Youghal Community Health Project was established to develop Social Gain Initiatives aimed at improving the Health & Wellbeing of the local community

Mallow Community Health Project

To provide opportunities for People within the Mallow Community to access Community Health Initiatives to improve overall health and well-being.

Mayfield HAZ

Looking after your wellbeing and health is supported by local active groups.

The Glen HAZ

Each health project has a programme of activities and community links to empower healthy habits and support healthy choices and lifestyles.

Farranree/Fairhill HAZ

Across our communities exist many groups and activities that support a weekly routine of social connection and friendship.

Blackpool & Shandon HAZ

We support and create community initiatives and programmes with groups and organisations that focus on health and wellbeing

Gurranabraher & Churchfield HAZ

Regular group connection nurtures the value of building positive relationships and encourages a culture of community resilience and social sustainability.

Welcome to Health
Action Zone

The Health Action Zones are the HSE South’s response to developing Community Health within specific areas identified and supported through the RAPID Programme.

The development of the Health Action Zone concept provided a timely opportunity to target health inequalities. Community development principles focus is on empowerment, involvement, consultation and participation to enhance inclusion and sustainability.

To improve the health and lifestyle of an area through a series of health focussed initiatives that build on existing services and facilities.
To explore barriers to accessing services and to involve local people in the design and delivery of service.
To target the delivery of health services in local areas.

We are Community Health Workers

Micheál O Connor
Farranree and Blackpool
Patty O Brien
Bernard Twomey
The Glen
Jacinta McCormack
Niamh Herbert
Pauline Noonan O Grady

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